Damian Lillard traded to the Lakers before the recovery? His cash response


As he gets ready for a new season with the Blazers, Damian Lillard has decided to embark on a crazy bet, all involving the Lakers! Decidedly, the leader has a message to convey.

Often quoted on the departure during the summer, Damian Lillard will finally continue his adventure with the Blazers, at least for the moment. He wants to give Chauncey Billups a chance to prove himself, even though his recent statement shouldn’t please the star, and to fans at the same time.

If we add to that a rather failed offseason in Portland, with insignificant arrivals, yes, fans can fear the worst for the future in Oregon. Because if Lillard has decided to stay for this exercise, nothing prevents him from leaving in a year for example, by asking for his trade.

It may be inevitable besides, especially if the front office continues to do such a poor job. Dame had recently spoken about her team’s offseason, and he did not hide his disappointment. This is to say if his future is on hold, even if his latest statement on Twitter will appeal to fans.

Indeed, Lillard is active on social media, where he sometimes enjoys chatting and responding to fans. A surfer has just decided to bet on a coming of Lady by the start of the season at the Lakers, a franchise that really likes the profile of the leader. Only here, the main concerned is confident that he will not come.

Internet user: « How much do you want to bet that by the start of the NBA season, the Lakers will find a way to catch Damian Lillard lol »

Damian Lillard: “Bet a million. « 

Damian Lillard therefore seeks to convey a message: his coming to the Lakers is not for tomorrow. The leader will stay with the Blazers, waiting for a possible departure in a few years. At least, it is said.


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