Damian Lillard talks about his special connection to … the Warriors!

Quoted on the departure this summer, Damian Lillard will remain a player of the Blazers… for the moment. The star could request his departure later, something Golden State is interested in. What is certain is that the person has a special link with the Californian franchise, which he mentioned in an interview.

After another disappointment in the playoffs, Damian Lillard never hid it: he thought of leaving. His ultimate dream is to win a title with the Blazers, but his desire to win a ring begins to take hold. When we see Portland’s failed offseason, we say to ourselves that a trade request should not delay, even if nothing has been done yet.

For now, and it’s now announced: Dame will stay in Oregon. His departure will not be for now, even if the superstar has revived the debate with an inflammatory statement. We can say that he plays a little with fire, which may annoy some fans.

Those of the Lakers them, have probably stopped dreaming with the arrival of Russell Westbrook. The franchise has its star in the lead now, and Lillard has made it clear why he wouldn’t come to Los Angeles to play with LeBron James. It is said, even if a visit to California is not to be excluded either. The reason ? The Warriors, who were in Oakland.

For those who don’t know, Lillard was born there. A special bond for the point guard, who always enjoys coming back to Oakland to see familiar faces. Same idea at Jazz, since he went to Weber State University in Utah. But when Dame talks about Golden State, fans are bound to dream.

It’s a special connection. It’s important to me, like when I go over to the Oakland side to play against the Warriors. When they announce my name in the starting lineup, the crowd shows me a lot of love, same thing when I go to Jazz.

As soon as he returns to Golden State to face the Warriors, Lillard must release a small smile upon hearing his name. With the rumors of trades, we imagine that the supporters are hoping for his definitive arrival, discussed for a while at the Dubs.

Damian Lillard has a real connection to Golden State, a place he knows well. From there to come if it ends up on the market? Anything is possible in the NBA. For now, the leader is completely focused with the Blazers, and always aspires to thwart the predictions.

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