Damian Lillard returns his jacket on the subject of the Blazers!

Damian Lillard is the darling of fans of the Blazers and even Oregon fans, so he refuses to leave this franchise, and he still plans to win the title anytime soon. Moreover, when discussing the level of his team for the coming season, he totally turned his jacket over.

Damian lillard is a very different player from the other stars of the league… When more and more big names agree to leave their franchise, he still believes in his dream of winning a title with the Blazers. A hope that can seem pretty crazy when you know that Portland has only passed the first round of the playoffs once in the past five years. Despite everything, he refuses to leave the ship.

And during the offseason, its leaders have tried a few movements in the workforce to do better than the second half of the standings in the Western Conference. Larry Nance Jr arrived from Cleveland with the status of one of the league’s most understated interiors, then Cody Zeller, Tony Snell and Ben McLemore arrived at free agency. Solid signatures but which are not intended to change the face of the team.

However, if the fans are skeptical to say the least of these arrivals, Dame believes in it hard as iron. The proof during the Media Day of his team, he completely changed his speech compared to the end of last season. After having questioned the level of his own, in particular by considering the group too weak, the All-Star point guard was more enthusiastic. Real ambition or a simple way to give confidence to its squad before the start of the season?

Dame is convinced he can win the title in Portland: “Looking at the last playoffs, I know it’s possible. « 

Damian Lillard was inspired by the success of the Bucks last season and now believes he can win in Oregon… The main difference is that Giannis Antetokounmpo was not alone in Milwaukee. He was able to rely on a Khris Middleton always very reliable, and on a Jrue Holiday as good and valuable defensively as in the organization of the game.

Sadly, Dame doesn’t have the chance to evolve with an All-Star by her side, although CJ McCollum gets close at times, and things shouldn’t change until the season resumes. Ultimately, the leader could therefore take hope and leave the franchise. Blazers fans can therefore thank Milwaukee for this title which greatly inspired their superstar. How long will Dame last? This is another question.

Damian Lillard wants to make a Giannis Antetokounmpo, namely to win the title in his first franchise… An achievement that he considers possible, but which will undoubtedly require much more help.

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