Damian Lillard destroys the quality of the Blazers squad!


For the second season in a row, Damian Lillard will have to watch the second round of the playoffs on television… A situation which is clearly beginning to annoy him. He also let loose at a press conference on the quality of his team!

Years go by and look the same for Damian lillard… The leader of the Blazers always seems stronger on an individual level, he does what is necessary to qualify his team in the playoffs, and he leaves one or more anthology games once in the postseason. This 2021 campaign was no exception to the rule with an incredible all-time record !

The problem is that his team always falls by the wayside before they can reach the Finals. For the second consecutive season, Portland did not even manage to reach the second round … So inevitably after the elimination of the Blazers on Thursday, Dame was particularly on edge. He simply destroyed the level of his team!

We didn’t win the title so obviously the level our team is at is not enough. I don’t know what a reconstruction looks like, or what movements can be, or should be done. But we are obviously not good enough. We lost against a team that had neither its leader nor its rear …

If we lost it is because we are not good enough to aim for the title. We are not good enough to pass the first round and a series against an opponent who is without two of his 3 or 4 best players on the field…

If we add to this statement the very controversial post of the leader on Instagram, there is enough to ask questions about his future. He has always proclaimed his love for Portland, but the sporting situation is obviously starting to get the better of his nerves! Case to be continued …

We’ll have to switch things in the Blazers… Failure to eliminate private Nuggets from multiple executives says a lot about Portland’s level!


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