Damian Lillard annoyed by questions about his patience with the Blazers

Dirty evening for Damian Lillard. Despite his 24 points and 10 assists, his clumsiness (5/17) weighed heavily for the Blazers, beaten for the third time in a row and who continue to dive in the Western Conference…

The dynamic is clearly bad in Oregon, and while Chauncey Billups confirmed that he would have to find answers to revive his team, Damian Lillard was annoyed by questions about his patience, put to the test. While he was hoping for a quick rebound from his club, the indirect question is that of a transfer.

 » I’m confused. Why are you asking me all these questions now, honestly? » he asks. “I respect that, but it’s the middle of the season. We are in difficulty at the moment, we are not playing well. We have seen a lot of matches like this. But none of these matches are a huge spanking. So there are ways to improve, and win some of those games. I watch a lot of NBA games, and in the league there’s only one or two teams that I’m like, ‘Okay, that’s a very dangerous team. I don’t look at them and say to myself: ‘They are unbeatable’. For people on the outside, our problems and difficulties are obvious. But I don’t find it fair to post these types of questions to me at the moment. It’s quite sad. »

A journalist replies to him that as the “trade deadline” approaches, it is however logical to wonder about his vision of things, when at 32, he is still in his best years.

“I understand it but there are people to ask these questions. And even if it’s me, they can answer it. So even if they ask my opinion and I give them my opinion, they will give you an answer based on reality. But I don’t think it’s cool for you to put me in this position, especially after a tough loss. We’re in a tough time right now, and that’s not cool. I answer all your questions, and for me, it is a lack of respect to put myself in this situation. »

Damian Lillard’s position is complicated. With his huge current contract until 2027 ($63 million in « player option » for the last season), the leader has the keys to the club… and a possible transfer.

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