Damian Lillard and Jayson Tatum Named NBA Players of the Week

The NBA regular season has resumed and it’s Monday night. What does it mean ? That the small rewards for the best players of the previous week are back. And to start the 2022-23 campaign, the League wanted to honor Damian Lillard and Jayson Tatum.

Lady Time is back! The Suns and especially the Lakers have learned this at their expense, they who have each received 41 pawns from the Oregon sniper in recent days. Lillard, who struggled last season and was limited to just 29 games in total because of his sore abs, wasted no time in showing that his comeback could be huge. In terms of averages, it gives 34 points per game with 5.3 rebounds and 4.3 assists, all at 47.1% shooting success including 36.4% from the parking lot and almost 93% in free throws. As a result, the Blazers start their season with three wins in three games, against Sacramento, Phoenix, and therefore Los Angeles after a huge 3-point shot from Dame in the last minute. In short, deserved reward for Lillard.

Ditto for Jayson Tatum. Like the Blazers, the Celtics are 3-0 at the time of these lines (the best in the Eastern Conference) and JT is the first reason for this successful start to the season. 34.7 units average in three games (including a peak at 40 against Orlando), 8.3 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal and 1.7 blocks, in other words Jayson is absolutely everywhere at the moment. And if we except his 3-point percentage which can be improved (33.3%), he displays a devilish efficiency in shooting (almost 59% in shooting, 88% in throws) to guide Boston in the right way after the not easy off-season experienced by the C’s. If he continues on this path, JT may well weigh heavily in the discussion for the title of MVP, which represents one of his personal objectives.

We expected it, it’s confirmed. Certainly the Giannis, Morant, Curry or Booker have not been unworthy, but none of them have a 3-0 record today. Collectively and individually, Lillard and Tatum absolutely ticked all the boxes.

Source text: NBA

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