Dame, Curry, Ja: the stars rise up against the Naomi Osaka scandal

While the NBA playoffs are in full swing, the Roland Garros tennis tournament, launched last weekend, is already facing a big controversy. The favorite Naomi Osaka has indeed just retired from the table, which pushed the stars of the league to big reactions.

Sports fans know it is a busy month of June that awaits them. While the NBA playoffs have already started for more than a week, and that the Euro football will take place in a few days, the 2021 edition of Roland Garros has just started this Sunday. And the leadership of the French Grand Slam is already facing serious controversy.

After her victory in the first round, Japanese star Naomi Osaka refused to appear at a press conference. Sanctioned for this absenteeism, she risked exclusion from the tournament in the event of too many recurrences. Faced with this observation, the young woman therefore decided to withdraw her participation, not wishing to face the media because of depression and other anxiety attacks.

A strong decision, pushed according to some by the too strict rules of the organization, which caused a lot of noise across the Atlantic. Stephen curry, Ja Morant or Kevin Love, for example, gave their support to the one who has lived on American soil since she was 3 years old.

You should never have to make a decision like this – but it’s so awesome to walk out the front door when the powers that are supposed to protect you don’t. Huge respect @naomiosaka

We are with you 🖤💪🏽 @naomiosaka

Love, respect and positive energy for you @naomiosaka 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

They are not the only ones to have openly defended the tenniswoman. Damian Lillard also spoke on the subject with Lindsey Wisniewski of NBC Sports Northwest, with powerful words.

I find it a shame that there are people out there who don’t respect and support this.

I think in the days that we find ourselves in, professional sportsmen have to deal with a lot of things that our predecessors didn’t have to deal with, when it comes to the access that fans and people who don’t even know you. have towards you. Whether it’s via Twitter, Instagram or whatever, people are allowed to comment, to have opinions, but also to degrade and disrespect us when they weren’t before.

If she feels that she can’t play at the highest level and be the best version of herself, and she decides not to, then she shouldn’t be criticized for it, because no one other does not have to do everything she does. It’s a shame that people don’t respect and understand it.

Like much of the tennis world, NBA stars revolt at the pressure Naomi Osaka had to undergo, leading to her withdrawal from Roland Garros. A welcome wave of support for the court star.

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