Damar Hamlin, still in critical condition, shows signs of improvement

An announcement that confirms the testimonies of various relatives of Hamlin to several American media. « Things are going in a positive direction right now, » Hamlin’s friend and marketing representative Jordon Rooney told NFL Network earlier. A message of the same tone as that delivered to ESPN by the player’s agent, Ron Butler, stating with a little more precision that « his oxygen levels have improved ». His uncle, Dorrian Glenn, also speaking to ESPN, assured that the condition of his nephew « is progressing compared to the day before ».

On Monday night, Hamlin went into cardiac arrest after suffering a horrific shock to the chest when he tackled an opponent during the regular season game against the Bengals in Cincinnati. A terrifying sequence seen on a national channel by millions of viewers, attending this match between two candidates for the Super Bowl, in a packed stadium, suddenly reduced to silence. Within it, players from both teams gathered around him, many of them praying on their knees, some in tears.

Strong emotion

The 24-year-old Bills “safety” (defender) was taken care of quickly to receive first medical treatment for more than half an hour. “His heart started beating again and he was transferred to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center,” his club said at the time.

Dorrian Glenn told ESPN that Hamlin actually had to be resuscitated by doctors twice, first on the pitch and then once he arrived at the hospital. An assertion disputed by Jordon Rooney. He also said Hamlin’s family is unhappy with the social media criticism of Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins, whom Hamlin rammed into. « It was typical American football game action, they don’t want that kind of intimidation against Tee at all. »

The NFL, which has postponed the game indefinitely, “has not yet made a decision regarding its possible resumption at a later date,” she said Tuesday. In the meantime, the championship day, the last of the regular season, is maintained this weekend, and the Bills had to resume training on Wednesday in view of receiving the New England Patriots on Sunday, while fans were gathered at the outside the stadium to hold a prayer vigil for Hamlin.

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