Daily Faceoff Live: Which rookies are in the running for the Calder Trophy?

In the latest episode of Daily face-to-face liveTyler Yaremchuk and Frank Seravalli discussed which players have a good chance of winning the Calder Trophy in the 2022-23 season.

Last year, the finalists were forwards Michael Bunting and Trevor Zegras and defenseman Moritz Seider. Seider won the trophy after a remarkable 50-point campaign as the No. 1 defenseman for the Detroit Red Wings.

Who are the best bets this year?

Tyler Yaremchuk: Who is the favorite to win the Calder Trophy and who is a dark horse candidate?

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Frank Seravalli: Well, I think Nick (Alberga) broke it in his description of Matty Beniers, saying he’s the guy to beat. This is absolutely the case when looking at his output, albeit on a limited sample size. He entered the NHL last spring and didn’t miss a beat, with nine points in 10 games, and seemed to fit in really well at the Kraken. Now they’re going to ask him to do a lot and I wonder at some point if he’s hitting the rookie wall, and it’s certainly possible.

One guy I have my eye on is from the Minnesota Wild. We talked a lot about their salary cap last summer and how they need rookie players who will contribute meaningfully. And I look at Marco Rossi and the season he had last year in the AHL, scoring 53 points in 63 games. He was productive, he was consistent and there are high expectations for Marco Rossi. If you’re looking for a dark horse, this is a guy you might have a good chance of getting good odds on. And when you look at Matt Boldy and a few other guys that came into the Minnesota Wild roster, they really backed those guys up. And so, Marco Rossi, you see him here on the fourth line, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him slip into the lineup at various times. Potentially also spending time on the wing. Rossi is a guy I watch, a real dark horse. A dormant pick would be Thomas Bordeleau of the San Jose Sharks. He’s another guy who for some reason got left behind at the University of Michigan. The guy nobody seemed to pay much attention to and yet a really talented player who could score points if given the chance in San Jose.

Tyler Yaremchuk: I like Beniers. If you can put him at around +550 in the betting markets right now as one of the favorites, I think Mason MacTavish and Owen Power are in that group with him as well. I also love Rossi’s pick, he’s 12 to 1. Just to be a little different: I’m watching players who work their way into skill roles throughout the season, who maybe don’t play there now in the pre-season. Kent Johnson in Columbus, I wonder for him, if he can find his way down a line with Gaudreau or Laine. And if he’s on that power play 1 that could be deadly this season, with quarterback Werenski at Columbus. Kent Johnson could also rack up the points.

Frank Seravalli: Yeah, Kent Johnson is a great choice, he was on my list, such a talented player. He’s brimming with skill and creativity, to put it with guys like Gaudreau, and Jake Voracek is an incredible playmaker, he just feeds guys left and right for points. Patrik Laine with the shot, pair him with those guys, you might see something really dangerous.

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