Daily Faceoff Live: Tribute to Jim Johannson and the US Hockey Hall of Fame Class of 2022

It’s American Hockey Hall of Fame induction day, and it’s the entire class for 2022, consisting of Steve Cash, the first ever athlete with a disability to be inducted; the Lamoureux twins, pillars of the American women’s team; Ryan Miller, a Vézina winning NHL goaltender; and Jim Johannson, who had a huge impact on the American hockey program during his time as an executive.

Frank Seravalli and Mike McKenna spoke about the Class of 2022, in particular Johansson, on today’s episode of Daily Faceoff Live.

Frank Seravalli: « Jim Johannson wanted to give him some love too. JJ played such a big part in everything that happened in American hockey over the past two decades before his still shocking and untimely passing.

And I thought Brian Burke, who was the general manager of the 2010 Olympic team that was about to beat Canada to the gold medal in Vancouver, told a story to Mike Morreale from NHL.com, who basically recounted the fact that after the Crosby golden goal is scored, everyone kind of sits around talking about how amazing the game was and still trying to digest the loss to USA. And Brian Burke has been telling that story the whole time he walked into that locker room after the game saying to the video coach, before they even came out to get their medals, ‘I need to watch this game again, I I need to see it time and time again to understand exactly what Sidney Crosby did and where he put that puck.

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And while they were still digesting it over a post-game beer, there was Jim Johannson in the locker room, helping the kit managers stick sticks saying « Hey, we’ve got some guys returning to NHL teams on the first flight at 6 a.m. tomorrow, we need to help them prepare so they can return to their teams. [Burke] said: « We’re all still trying to figure out what just happened, and he’s moving on to the next thing, just trying to help the equipment manager as the one in charge of the whole operation. » That says a lot about Jim Johannson and his impact on American hockey over the past few years.

If you haven’t read Mike Morreale’s story on NHL.com, I urge you to do so, about Jim Johannson, someone we still miss and certainly miss among the players who spoke in the article. , Patrick Kane and many other stars, had a big impact on their careers, as well as their interest in playing hockey.

Mike McKenna: “Johannson had time for everyone. I remember in 2013 he called me asking if I could play for the USA team at the world championships, and I had to decline because my first daughter was due to be born in the middle, and I told Jim « I’ve never wanted to do anything in my career but wear the USA jersey, it’s top on my list, but I can’t miss it. »

Then a few years later, in 2017, he called me back and was like, « Hey Mike, I remember what you said, and I don’t know what your contract status is yet, » because it’s was before free agency that summer, and he said ‘but we’re putting you on the test list for the Olympic team, and we want to make sure you have some interest and know what might be possible .’

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And it blew my mind that he remembered that conversation in the first place, and I was incredibly honored to even be in the mix there. And I talked to my friend Nick Petraglia, who’s done a lot of things for American hockey, and he said you won’t find anyone more loved and respected in American hockey, and he has his footprints all over the how hockey developed in the United States. United States. Just a really upscale, humble, genuine human being, Jim Johannson.

You can watch the full episode here…

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