D-Wade reveals the two toughest players to defend, snubbed LeBron!

A distinguished striker during his career, Dwyane Wade is a privileged interlocutor when it comes to evoking the players of the current era. Asked about the hardest player to defend, the former Miami player gave two names… but was careful not to mention LeBron James, his ex-teammate!

With more than 23,000 career points and a top scorer title in 2008-09, Dwyane Wade was by far the best attacking full-backs ever seen on the court. As a result, there is a good place to talk about indefensible players, especially in the current league. This is what he did, during an FAQ with WIRED. He then explained that in his opinion, the player most impossible to contain is none other than the franchise player from Brooklyn:

Dwyane Wade: « Kevin Durant and Giannis are the hardest to defend »

Well the first that comes to my mind is Kevin Durant. It measures 2m11, or even more depending on how KD wants to be perceived. But it’s hard to defend a guy who has so much talent to be able to dribble like that, can score in the paint, from the free throw line, from midfield, from the three point line, even mid-field.

Interestingly, the former Heat leaves out LeBron James with whom he nevertheless played. And in terms of an unstoppable player, the King is landing there! But Flash persists on the subject, to the point of still choosing someone other than the Laker as an alternative to Durant. Once again, his gaze is on the Eastern Conference, more precisely on Milwaukee where the reigning MVP of the Finals is rife:

If I had to choose another player I would say Giannis. It’s difficult to defend Giannis because of his offensive palette. And he is 2m13! He’s a big man who moves with the ability to lead the game. He runs fast, he can play leader, and he’s as tall as a pivot. So it’s hard to defend a guy like that who’s strong and aggressive, and as monstrous as he is on a basketball court.

Once again, Chosen One fans will cringe, but it’s hard to blame D-Wade for it. After all, KD and the Greak Freak are each nukes within the Big League, and feature regularly in the race for the MVP. Durant is even the favorite, turning almost 30 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists per game with the first Nets in their conference. Suffice to say that they are sacred customers!

Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo, these are the two totally indefensible players currently according to Dwyane Wade. The future Hall of Famer has faced them both time and time again, and therefore knows exactly what he’s talking about! Sorry, LeBron…

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