Cyril B & Jack from Marseille + DirtyCute Marseille 5th Arrondissement, January 7, 2023, Marseille 5th Arrondissement Marseille 5th Arrondissement.

Cyril B & Jack from Marseille + DirtyCute

103 Rue Ferrari Makeda Marseille 5th Arrondissement Bouches-du-Rhône Makeda 103 Rue Ferrari
2023-01-07 22:00:00 22:00:00 – 2023-01-07
Makeda 103 Rue Ferrari
Marseille 5th District

Marseille 5th District

EUR 7 10 Cyril Benhamou and Jack de Marseille come together for an original association and one of the most unexpected collaborations of the moment, halfway between the dj set and the live, the two artists engage in a casual dialogue.
Two universes and two different paths, which live are one.
Jack de Marseille, with his immense experience and Cyril Benhamou, an essential artist and released in total freedom… unmissable.
It will be a stroke of the great masters, elegant, frank and direct, which will be played out in this first month of the year.

• Cyril Benhamou(r) • Keyboards, flute, fx
Great organizer of GRABUGE evenings, Cyril Benhamou(r) continues to assert an exceptional identity in the current musical landscape. Essential artist, Cyril brings together and federates all the most exciting scene of the moment.

• Jack de Marseille • dj set
He has been a master of the dance floor for 25 years. He is resolutely, unconditionally, the man consecrated best French DJ by the first specialized magazines. He always ventures and sometimes confuses, intertwines rhythms, confronts energies, varies temperatures and colors. From one mix to another. Sometimes even during one.

• Dirty Cut (first part)
As their name suggests, The DirtyCute play on contrasts and ambivalences, while keeping an astonishing stylistic and sound homogeneity: the dirty or rather organic side that stems directly from their past as confirmed jazz musicians mixes cheerfully with very cute pop melodies. and neat productions, because for years they have also been wearing the cap of composer/producer in multiple projects.
These three musicians, endowed with a strong musical experience on the national and international scene, find themselves in a common artistic quest, without concessions and their collaboration was inevitable.
Their first EP will be released mid 2023.

Find Cyril B & Jack de Marseille + DirtyCute at Makeda on January 7th.


Makeda 103 Rue Ferrari Marseille 5th District
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