Curvway: snowboarding in all seasons

Notice to snow sports enthusiasts, you no longer need to wait for winter to practice snowboarding. The Curvway brand launches its all-terrain electric board.

 » In my family, we have a rule: we go to winter sports every year. So I started skiing at a very young age, then snowboarding, a practice for which I had a real crush! Begins Pierre Marabese, founder of Curway.  » The problem, living in Montpelier, I could only practice it one to two weeks a year. But as I am a great handyman, I had the idea, when I was a teenager, to reproduce an all-terrain board that would give me the same sensations as snowboarding.And that’s pretty much how Curvway came to be.


After his studies and four years of work at Airbus and General Electric, Pierre Marabese took over his old prototypes and launched his start-up two years ago. The young entrepreneur essentially offers his  » Marie Louise to rental companies, which take care of renting them to individuals. «  Next year we will release a much smaller, more urban version with a totally different design. We want to address individuals and the urban world. “says the founder.

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Initiation sessions at the Parc de la Tête d’Or

Every Friday afternoon, Pierre Marabese offers initiation sessions at the Parc de la Tête d’Or. A silent ride, on an electric board that allows you to « carve » all year round. The session lasts 1h30 and is open to all.  » No matter the level of riding, the only condition for success is to want to try, and not to be naturally afraid of the board. explains Peter.

> Go to the Curvway website to book an initiation session. 1h30 for 49€.

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