Curry’s ultra-weird technique to motivate Wiggins

More leader than ever this season with the Warriors, Stephen Curry is trying to keep all his troops involved to continue the good dynamic of the franchise. He also found an unusual technique to put Andrew Wiggins in the best position before each match!

In the wake of a Stephen curry in MVP mode, several Warriors have distinguished themselves since the start of the season. One of the best lieutenants of the Chief over the period is undoubtedly Andrew Wiggins, particularly in good shape in recent weeks. The former Wolves player had drawn particular attention during his recent reunion with his previous team, via two huge dunks… on his friend Karl-Anthony Towns!

Curry’s WTF methods to boost Wiggins

Following this meeting against Minnesota, during which Wiggins also accumulated 35 points, Curry had submitted the idea of ​​subsequently motivating his teammate, by constantly reminding him of these posters!

I’m going to send Wiggs this picture of him dunking on KAT every game, right before the game, to see if that helps him perform. So you can be sure that from now on he will receive 72 messages from me!

72, that is as many regular season games remaining at that time at Golden State. Since this declaration, the Canadian has not relaxed his efforts, with an average of 21.7 points scored on his 7 following outings. Still in sight against Philadelphia, this Wednesday (19 points, 6 rebounds), the Maple Jordan was the subject of an update from its leader, who would have found another eccentric way to boost it before each game!

I haven’t sent him the picture yet, but I let him dunk on it in the locker room before each game, while I shout KAT’s name. It works pretty well! It works pretty well.

Of course ironic, the double MVP must still hope to see Wiggs maintain his good form for a long time, and thus be able to count on his talents to regain the joys of the title!

If he probably does not let Andrew Wiggins posterize it in the locker room, Stephen Curry is ready to do anything to make his partners shine. No need to look any further to find the winning recipe for the Warriors this year!

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