Curry stops a Warrior: « Even if I miss 10 shots in a row, I won’t let him »

6th Man of the Warriors at the start of the series against Denver, Steph Curry has not lost his confidence in this new role. Evidenced by the big stop he put on one of his teammates, who is not likely to take his place anytime soon in a field!

If some still had doubts about his state of health, he took it upon himself to dispel them in record time. Still subject to a minute restriction for Game 2 against the Nuggets, Stephen Curry nevertheless managed to write league history with a huge performance. However, he is not the only Warrior to have shined in the victory of the franchise (126-106).

As in his first playoff game, Jordan Poole also blacked out the stats sheet, and even joins the great Wilt Chamberlain in the Golden State legend. Always as insolent of address (10/16 shooting, 5/10 from 3 points), the young rear is making a place for itself more and more in the rotation of the Dubs. Without receiving all the privileges from its leaders, including the Chief!

Heckled, Steph Curry still king of throwing at the Warriors

This Monday, Steph Curry was entitled to four free throws, offered following technical faults or in the bonus committed by Denver… and harvested two. From then on, he was asked at a post-match press conference if Poole, better shooter than him in regular season shots (92.5%, against 92.3%), could soon become the one who will take care of obtaining these easy points. The Chef’s response was meant to be cash!

Never. Never. Even if I miss 10 in a row, I won’t let him. You will always see me on the line. (…) But I appreciate this healthy competition, because obviously, I saw that he was ahead of me in the race for the most skilful shooter at throws this season. He set high standards in the exercise, but it will take him much more than a season like this to take my place and shoot the technical free throws. (Laughs)

Hands off throws, Jordan. Joking aside, the natural hierarchy between the two men should logically continue as such on the rest of the postseason, even more given the small gap that separates them in terms of percentages on the line. JP3 understood this well, since he preferred to drop a « No comment » to the same question!

Expert in free throws since the beginning of his career, Steph Curry is not likely to leave his place as a regular shooter to Jordan Poole after two small failures. That’s the harsh law of the jungle at the Warriors!

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