Curry, Harden, CP3: the stars in shock after the killing of Uvalde


Once again struck by a firearms tragedy, the United States mourns the loss of some twenty children killed in a Texas elementary school. The league and its figures obviously did not remain unmoved, and posted many devastated messages on the networks.

They would probably like to content themselves with expressing themselves on subjects related to basketball, and not having to regularly highlight the disturbances of American society. Nevertheless, faced with the multitude of dramas that shake the United States every week, NBA players must condemn all these despicable acts. They had to do it again on Tuesday, following the tragic event that struck the small town of Uvalde, Texas.

The NBA and its stars devastated after the tragedy of Uvalde

A few hours before Game 4 between Warriors and Mavericks, a shooting was deplored in an elementary school in the Texas town, causing the death of 19 children and a teacher according to the latest report. Faced with this new massacre – the 27th in an American school in 2022, several personalities of the league took the floor, relaying in particular the revolted and poignant message of Steve Kerr.

🙌🏽 Be sure to watch this alongside tonight’s game….

There are enough. Listen to Coach Kerr.! 🗣

Thoughts and prayers for the families of these heartbreaking children in Texas.

Absolutely tragic. We have to do better as a country!! My family and I send our prayers to the families affected by what happened today at Robb Elementary School 🙏🏾

It breaks my heart to hear this news, no parent should ever have to endure the loss of their child. I pray for the families of these children and the teacher 🙏🏽❤️… This is appalling

I pray for a world where going to the supermarket and sending our children to school will not cause fear and panic. I keep the families of today’s deceased in my thoughts. #EndArmyViolence

Wow wow wow. Cookie and I’s hearts are so broken right now after hearing the news of the elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. We send our condolences to the families who lost a loved one today. My God, Lord, bless the grieving families 🙏🏾💔

Violence continues to spread across the United States, which upsets NBA stars again and again. Unfortunately, their multiple messages of the genre do not seem so far to have an impact on the acts of terror which are multiplying across the Atlantic.


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