Curry, CP3, Wade: NBA stars react to Bronny James’ madness


NBA Superstars Stephen Curry and Chris Paul reacted like many others to Bronny James' Crazy Dune compilation with the Sierra Canyon high school team

Thearon W. Henderson / Hannah Foslien / Andrew D. Bernstein

On the eve of his third season in the ranks of Sierra Canyon, Bronny James has ignited the web with a mind-blowing compilation of dunks. Stars and legends of the league have not escaped it, with overwhelming reactions from them!

The genes of the family are decidedly special. From the height of his 17 years, and as a senior Lebron jamesBronny finds himself surrounded by increasing pressure. For his third season in the prestigious Sierra Canyon program, the young back will be keen to demonstrate his talents, and catch the eye of the NCAA… and NBA scouts. In any case, it has attracted the attention of Internet users in recent hours, by blazing during a Dunk Contest!

NBA stars and icons kneeling in front of Bronny James

Thanks to his dizzying relaxation – not to mention the one his father already displayed at the same age, Bronny easily won the competition. He also provoked the pride of the King, furious when sharing the highlights of her son. The leader of the Lakers was not the only one to remain stunned by his exploits. Chris Paul, Stephen curry, Danny Green… Everyone was speechless at the combo-guard’s flights!

Chris Paul: 👀👀👀

Stephen Curry: Are you serious ????? Sheesh

Danny Green: 😳😳😳😳😳

Some legends of the league like Dwyane Wade, Tracy McGrady or Gilbert Arenas also went there with their comments, just as impressed.

Dwyane Wade: Sheesh ✈️

Tracy McGrady: Damn

Gilbert Arenas: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Bronny James blew everyone away with his monstrous dunks, including America’s basketball elite. LeBron should only come out more proud!


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