“Currently, I would choose Mahrez over Messi,” says an England international

Foot – Former English international footballer, Darren Bent, speaks about the captain of the Greens, Riyad Mahrez, and admits that he would even choose him instead of the Argentinian Messi.

It is not without knowing that the performances of the star of Manchester City are more than applauded by many specialists. But also, by fans of the round ball. Knowing that Riyad Mahrez has had a lot to do with the victories of the Citizens, in particular, since the start of this Champions League and it is certainly not this English international who will say the opposite, since he even chose him to Messi.

Indeed, Darren Bent spoke about the Algerian international. This happened during an interview with the English media Talksport. By the way, the former Aston Villa Football Club striker has been seduced by Mahrez’s season which, in his opinion, seems more accomplished than that of current PSG player Lionel Messi.

In detail, Bent made it clear: « I know that sounds like blasphemy… but currently I would choose Mahrez over Messi. » Then he added: « Mahrez is amazing right now. » All that to say that Man City’s No. 26 has a lot to do with this glory. In addition, it would even be the best offensive asset of the Skyblues.

Football: Mahrez at the top of Mahrez with Manchester City

Also, Darren Bent has spoken more about this. By the way, he even assured that “Man City fans wouldn’t swap Messi for Mahrez right now. Mahrez has been superb this season. It is true that he was excellent since the beginning of the sports season. Especially since he recorded 17 goals and 7 assists during the various competitions.

As a reminder, during this Champions League, Riyad Mahrez even participated in marking the history of Man City. It is not without knowing that during the last match against Sporting, the member of the Fennecs opened the ball after the 7th minute by scoring the first goal of the match. This led the club to gain confidence and finish this match with a score of 5 goals against 0.

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