Cupra Born, batteries and copper

NEW – Derived from the VW ID.3, the Born crossover takes the Spanish manufacturer on the road to electric.

The electric traction chain? This is one of the reasons that led the manufacturer Seat to create the Cupra brand, based on the observation that it would be difficult for it to sell cars over 40,000 euros and nearly 50,000 euros under. his label. After vitaminized versions of the Ateca and Leon, then the new Formentor crossover which has no equivalent in the Seat range, Cupra reveals its first 100% electric vehicle. Born, that’s its name, has a template similar to the Volkswagen ID.3 with which it shares the MEB platform and most of the technical characteristics. It promises. How to differentiate tomorrow all the models of the Volkswagen group which will share the same elements? Apart from brand image, design will be the main source of differentiation. In this little game, the Born is rather successful with a balanced silhouette based on the architecture that makes it possible to overcome overhangs.


With a length of 4.23 m and a width of 1.80 m, the Born rises to 1.53 m, 30 mm more than the ID.3 and 30 mm less than the Formentor. As on the other models of the Cupra brand, there are some touches of copper, its signature color. The very elusive pavilion takes up the codes of a coupe.


Inside, the dashboard is close to that of the Volkswagen ID.3 and it has been put in Cupra sauce. The choice of materials and colors creates a more sporty atmosphere. We thus find the same digital instrument cluster facing the driver but the central infotainment screen benefits from a slightly different ergonomics than that of the VW. Cupra takes care to specify that the bucket seats are covered with a fabric made from recycled marine plastics. This is also the case for suede which is made from recycled materials.


The technology refers to VW. The water-cooled lithium-ion battery is installed in the base. Three models will be offered, corresponding to respective ranges of 315, 420 and 540 km: 45, 58 and 77 kWh. The first powers a 110 kW (150 hp) engine. The 58 kWh accumulators can be combined with 150 or 204 hp engines. In both cases, the electric motor is installed at the rear, making the Born a rear-wheel drive. Anxious to defend a sporting image, Cupra will crown the range with a VZ1 version. The power is increased to 230 horsepower, which allows the Born to reach 100 km / h in 6.6 seconds (with the 77 kWh battery). This model can also be ordered with the 58 kWh battery.

At the risk of repeating itself, the main challenge behind the wheel of these electric vehicles will be to be able to charge serenely. The Spanish manufacturer ensures that it can recover 100 km every 7 minutes by charging at an intensity of 125 kW on an ultra-fast terminal of the Ionity network. When the battery charge level has dropped to 5%, it will be possible to recover 80% in 35 minutes. The Cupra Born will be marketed in the course of 2021.

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