Cunningham, French, G-League … Five things to know before the Draft

DECRYPTION – Like every year, the best young people in the world come to the NBA Draft. The 2021 edition will take place next night in Brooklyn.

Cunningham, a new generational talent?
This is the name that is on the lips of American observers: Cade Cunningham. Already on the radar of specialists since his arrival in high school, the great leader (2.03m) has not disappointed since. It is also by his maturity and his coolness of a seasoned player that the rear leader impresses. Many see him as a potential « franchise-player », that is to say a player good enough to be able to change the face of his team on his own. Extremely skilful and cerebral player, the Oklahoma State player should land, except surprise, with the Detroit Pistons of French Killian Hayes and therefore be drawn first in this 2021 Draft.

An extremely promising 2021 vintage
In line with this first choice that everyone agrees, other talents deserve a look. While the 2020 draft saw only the first picks confirm their potential, the upcoming one presents a number of intriguing prospects. Among them, the pivot Evan Mobley (20 years old, 2.13m, 2.26m wingspan) with impressive mobility or the very versatile Scottie Barnes (20 years old, 2.06m, 2.20m wingspan) capable of defending all positions. They are both expected in the top 5 picks.

The first vintage of the G-League Ignite Team
It is a debate that has been raging for some time across the Atlantic, university players want to be paid and have their image as professional athletes. Faced with this, the antechamber of the NBA, the G-League, has launched a team, the Ignite Team, for promising young people out of high school eager to find an alternative to the university system. Many are expected to be high in this Draft (Jalen Green, Jonathan Kuminga, Kai Sotto, …) To see if the choice will pay off for these young prospects.

A draft still as international
With the recent coronation of the Milwaukee Bucks and their star winger Giannis Antetokounmpo (Greece), not to mention the MVP title of pivot Nikola Jokic (Serbia), the NBA seems more international than ever. On July 29, no less than fifteen international prospects will try to find a place in the Great League. Among them we can cite the winger Jonathan Kuminga (2.03m, Congo), the leader Josh Giddey (2m, Australia) or the pivot Kai Jones (2.10m, Bahamas).

The French outsiders
No French expected at the top of the basket for this year as were Killian Hayes (7th position) and Frank Ntilikina (8th position) before them, but the Blues will still be present. The two most anticipated will be wingers Yves Pons (23 years old, 1m98) and back Joël Ayayi (21 years old, 1m96), who are graduating from a university course in the United States, Tennessee and Gonzaga, and who should be selected. in the second round. Both good defenders, they will be able to immediately contribute in the franchises which will choose them. Juhann Begarin (Paris Basket) and Olivier Sarr (Kentucky) will also be hoping to hear their name called.

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