Crutchlow: MotoGP qualifying has become like Formula 1 qualifying.

“You have an average first lap, but you know where you can improve, it seems.

“We used to go all out, as hard as we could. It seems like now, you go out, you do a lap that’s sort of established, you do a good lap but you’re like, « Okay, I can take a tenth here, a little bit there. » and everyone goes for the second round.

“But in my second run, I had yellow flags. I had the yellow flag on the first lap, and then I completely scratched the lap.

“I went very slowly because there were pilots, I stayed out, I wanted to be alone. I drove off and the right side of the front tire was cold.

“I went around Turn 2 average, but I got to Turn 5 and there… [were] yellow flags. I was still way below my best time, even though I basically went out.

“I know I could have gone faster, but that’s the way it is. »

Although a substitute for six races at RNF, Crutchlow is still testing things for Yamaha.

After spending the weekend in Aragon trying electronic changes, the Briton admits he has yet to make any mechanical changes to his M1 and will not do so until Sunday morning’s warm-up.

« We haven’t touched a single setting all weekend, nothing, » he added.

“We did everything electronically, and to see if these electronic changes [work] we can’t really touch the bike.

“So tomorrow morning will be the first time we’ve done anything with the bike – and I mean something. »

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