Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia? The federation don’t give up!

Cristiano Ronaldo was the subject of an XXL offer from a Saudi club during the last Premier League transfer window. Refused by the principal concerned. But that would only be a postponement.

In an interview with The Athletic, the president of the Saudi football federation, talks about his hope of seeing the landing Cristiano Ronaldo in the local league when the latter refused an offer during the last Premier League transfer window: “ Currently it’s not possible because our transfer window is closed, but I would love to see a player like Cristiano (Ronaldo) play in the Saudi league. (…), he explained.

Hope remains whole

And then add: That would be great news for everyone. (…) I’m sure everyone knows Cristiano’s achievements and records, he’s a great role model. (…) It would certainly be a very high value deal, but our clubs have been getting higher and higher revenues in recent years. I appreciate him as a player and would like to see him play in Saudi Arabia”said Yasser Almisehal.

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