Cristiano Ronaldo gets turned on by an English football legend!

The Cristiano Ronaldo saga never ends. Criticized for his lack of involvement by his new coach Erik ten Hag, the Portuguese, who wants to leave Manchester United, does not seem to be able to find a way out.

Jamie Carragher, the former Liverpool legend, also returned to his case on the show Overlap, with Garry Neville. And he does not mince his words: according to him, no club is interested in the idea of ​​signing Ronaldo. « I always thought it was a weird signing, » he began. “I always felt this situation would happen, even though Ronaldo did some good things. No other club in Europe currently wants him. I could be wrong but it doesn’t look like United can part with it. »

« And if you ask ten Hag, I think he doesn’t want it either, » he continued into Sky Sports. « I’m not even sure the Manchester United dressing room wants Cristiano Ronaldo right now. »

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