Cristiana Girelli, Italy striker: « On paper, France are the favorites of the group »


Cristiana Girelli, Italy striker before the match against Les Bleues at the Euro on Sunday: “I think the FIFA ranking speaks for France. She is third and, therefore, on paper, certainly the favorite of the group. We have earned respect through our performances and the matches we have played so far. It is clear that each game has its own story. As you said, at the World Cup we surprised everyone against Australia, but it’s not guaranteed that always happens, our aim is to think game by game.

Now there is France. We know very well what their strength is. But Italy’s goal is to do well from the first game. Of course, we want to surprise you, if we can still speak of surprise, or simply play our game by trying to do the best possible, thinking of course that there are still two matches behind. »


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