Cricket as a refuge | Humanity

The Soccs, three times Hauts-de-France champions, are real stars of cricket. But it’s not the trophies that make this team exceptional: the vast majority of it is made up of Afghan refugees. Shahid is one of them. At 14, he fled the war and managed to reach Calais. A few tens of kilometers further, in Saint-Omer, he found a family, the Soccs. In front of Alain de Halleux’s camera, he narrates his journey. In this rural environment, the Saint-Omer Cricket Club Stars amazes and its sporting epics are not always viewed favorably by the locals. However, thanks to a sport still little known in France, these young people have found allies in their fight to study, find work and come into contact with the French administration. Y. M.

Welcome to the Soccs. Documentary / Arte / Saturday July 10 / 11.5 p.m.

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