Crazy rumor for James Harden and Joel Embiid at the Sixers!

By fetching James Harden, Daryl Morey clearly displayed the ambitions of the Sixers: the title, or nothing. There will be a first opportunity this season, but it’s not the last for the franchise. He thinks that in the future, the front office could still hit very hard with a superstar.

The Sixers have yet to play many games with James Harden, but the first results are perfect: only victories for the men of Doc Rivers, who chain the good performances. The Barbu did not need an adaptation period, and even finds himself quite easily with Joel Embiid.

It is certainly promising for the future, even if a team like Philadelphia will be judged at the time of the playoffs, and not before. Achieving a big regular season is one thing, but if the postseason is a failure, all of that will have been for nothing. This is where having Harden play is important, in order to increase this team cohesion.

Big arrival in sight for the Sixers?

If the defeats are at the end, it will not be the end for the 76ers, who will want to do it again. Daryl Morey will be looking for a way to improve his roster, and Bradley Beal’s name is coming up more and more. It was Andrew Bogut, in his recent podcast, who decided to spill the beans.

I heard a big rumor, from people who are quite close to this soap opera: a Big Three is preparing in Philly. Bradley Beal is trying to join the franchise for this offseason. He’s told people he wants to play alongside James Harden and Joel Embiid.

However, Beal recently claimed that he should extend at the Wizards, without confirming 100%. It must be said that Washington’s season is disappointing, since the roster collapsed after a big start to the campaign. But Bogut does not agree:

Philly is desperate, the franchise wants Tobias Harris out. They have already tried for some time without success. There will be a new attempt this summer, with why not a sign-and-trade. But don’t be surprised in case of Big 3.

A rather daring statement, even if one can think that the Sixers will try something during the summer. Can Daryl Morey pull off another nice shot? Fans hope so. But before you think about that, it’s an explosive end to the season that is announced in Pennsylvania.

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