Cracking live: « LeBron is a better pivot than Rudy Gobert »

Rudy Gobert sometimes has trouble getting respect from the American media, as the latter can display a mind-boggling bad time. Recently, a famous analyst bluntly said that LeBron James was better at the pivot position than him! This will be the subject of debate …

Already triple Defender of the Year, Rudy Gobert is unleashing another huge season. It’s simple, he runs more than 15 points, 15 rebounds and 2 blocks on average in 2021-22! Quite impressive statistics, although he cannot flesh them out at the moment. Tested positive for the coronavirus, he is currently in the league’s health protocol and must see the Jazz get by without him.

During this wait, however, he must also grapple with opinions that are sometimes very controversial about him, and in particular his place among the big men of the league. Not long ago, Shannon Sharpe was also allowed a rather unpleasant outing about him. Big fan of the job of Lebron james as a pivot to the Lakers, the analyst Fox sports drew the following conclusion: there would be better than The Stifle Tower!

Shannon Sharpe opens LeBron vs Rudy Gobert debate

We can not question his versatility on the defensive level. He can’t play like that now, at 37, but what he does offensively deserves to be commended. For now, if you make me tell me, I will say he is the third best hub in the NBA, behind Jokic and Embiid. He’s better than Gobert.

It is a fact, the Californians have had a lot of success with the King under the circle by stringing together four consecutive victories, in particular. Except that since then, the Purpres and Ors mark time again, and this while it is still evolving there. Against the Kings, LA also suffered a new rather infuriating defeat (125-116). Author of 34 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists, LBJ also stood out for his clumsiness during the match (3/12 behind the arc, 5/10 on free throws):

Rudy Gobert less good pivot than LeBron James? It should not be abused either, especially since the Frenchman is a real position 5. More generally, this shows that he still has work to get all the respect he deserves in the US …

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