Cowboys want to revive for Thanksgiving

Forget the rout in Kansas City. This is the goal of the Cowboys against Las Vegas, in one of the three posters of the evening offered by the NFL on the occasion of Thanksgiving. Best attack in the League (418 yards / game), the Texas franchise was also the one to score the most points until last Sunday. Chris Jones and the Chiefs’ defense have been there, and without scoring a single touchdown of the game, Dak Prescott and his partners have taken the full brunt of an unexpected wall at the ArrowHead. As for the good news, the Texans will be able to count on the return of Tyron Smith and the presence of their receiver CeeDee Lamb to get the machine going. No panic, however, for Mike CcCarthy’s men, still firmly established at the head of the NFC East (7v – 3d) and still in a strong position to qualify for the Playoffs.

Las Vegas, last chance?

It is quite the opposite for the Raiders, plunged into a crisis of results with three setbacks (5v – 5d). The eviction of coach Jon Gruden for racist, homophobic and misogynistic remarks, followed by the drama caused by Henry Ruggs (the receiver killed a woman in a road accident while driving drunk and in very high speed), put a huge blow to the heads of the Las Vegas players. To make matters worse, the Raiders, the League’s 29th team in ground defense, face the 5th best team in this area tonight. We will have to close ranks if the franchise of Nevada wants to stay in the right car in view of the Playoffs because in the AFC West, neither the Chargers nor the Chiefs have planned to weaken!

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