COVID-19 | NFL wants players and staff to report symptoms


The NFL has reiterated the importance of reporting all symptoms related to COVID-19 to prevent outbreaks in a video featuring head coaches Pete Carroll, Andy Reid, John Harbaugh and Ron Rivera.

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« It is vital that all players, coaches and other staff understand and report any symptoms immediately, » Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement sent to teams on Tuesday, a copy of which was obtained by the Associated Press. It is also essential that our medical staff continue their efforts to monitor all those in the club environment.  »

The league’s chief medical officer, Dr Allen Sills, opens and closes this two and a half minute video. Carroll, Reid, Harbaugh and Rivera repeat much the same message: « if you feel anything, say something ».

« We encourage players and coaches who are not feeling well, no matter how small the symptoms are, to take a precautionary approach, » said Reid.

Sills reminded players that if they experience symptoms, friends test negative, they will not be excluded from those around the team.

“Reporting symptoms is more important than ever,” Sills told The Associated Press. People who are vaccinated can have very different symptoms. Last year, those who contracted COVID-19 could experience high fever and chills, experience difficulty breathing. […] With breathing, they may only have a congested nose, a slight sore throat or headache, or even a slight fatigue.

“It’s a challenge to get people to talk about their symptoms and get tested. It has to be done in several ways, like vaccination.  »

Over 93% of players and almost all team personnel are vaccinated.

« When people don’t report their symptoms, they are at greater risk of infecting their colleagues and loved ones, » Goodell said in the statement. It increases the risks for the people around them and puts their teams at a disadvantage. We can do better.  »

Sills is confident the season is going without major problems.

“I am much more optimistic than I was last year simply because we have safe and effective vaccination and are able to create safer environments. […] We are in a much better situation than last year.  »

Associated Press reporter Barry Wilner contributed to this article.


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