Coupe de France: US Berné started with nine players and finished at seven…

US Berné (D3) had only nine players for its first round of the Coupe de France. She even finished it at seven. In the longer term, it is her future that is written with dotted lines.

French Cup (first round). US Berné (D3) – FC Cléguérec (R3): 0-5 (arrested)

US Berné (D3) really didn’t need that. Unhappy with the draw for the first round of the Coupe de France, since it inherited FC Cléguérec, resident of Regional 3, it had to face licensing problems, and started its match with… nine players . The meeting even had to be stopped before half-time, the locals playing only seven. Vice-president, Joel Thebaud exposes the dilemmas of a club stuck between its history and its future.

You started your first round of the Coupe de France with nine players. What are the reasons ?

Not all players have signed their license yet or gone to the doctor. Of the 14 or 15 players we could have, there were only nine valid licenses.

Many clubs withdrew from this first round, for the same reasons, but you did not.

We wanted to play despite everything this first round of the Coupe de France. If we withdrew, we paid a fine and we were excluded for the next two years. Unfortunately, we have a player who injured his foot and another who twisted his knee and has to go for exams. And the match ended in the 42nd minute because there were only seven of us left. It was 5-0, we lasted a good quarter of an hour at nine…

The drought of the lawns worried before this first round of the Cup. Is this related to the injuries of your two players?

For our player who twisted his knee, there are holes in the field, with the drains, that didn’t grow back, which made a level difference on the ground, and that’s where he hurt his knee. Our other injured took an involuntary blow on the foot, he could not hold on any longer. It is necessary that it makes an x-ray, one wonders if the big toe is not broken.

This seems to bring out some tension at the club.

There are only nine licenses! It does not happen often. I haven’t been here very long, but it’s the first time that we’ve found ourselves at the start of the season with so few players.

US Berné is a historic club…

In 1977, the US Berné in the third division! But of all the “old glories” at Berné, there is not one who comes to support the club. We really need them, though. The municipality is in the process of building a museum over this period, but if the club does not last, it will not be of much use.

Are you afraid for the future?

We are afraid for the future of the club, last year we had two teams… This year, we only have one.

Could a merger save the club?

These are the questions that will arise… The problem is that many players refuse the idea of ​​a merger. They want to save the club. There are very strong steeple quarrels with the nearest neighbors.

As vice-president, what is your state of mind for the future, despite everything?

I think we’ll get away with it, because in addition, all together, we have a great team. But I hope that some will have an electroshock and that the old ones will come back.

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