Coupe de France: Saint-Avé was respected at Elliant

The epic of the Coupe de France ends there for the Mélénicks of Elliant, who failed to win this Sunday against the far from transcendent Aviens.

French Cup (4th round). Mélénicks Elliant (D1) – ES Saint-Avé (R3): 0-2

We had to wait until the start of the second period to see the visitors from Morbihan open the scoring, following a poor clearance by Lharidon, at the entrance to the penalty area, well taken over by Breton, who deceived the last bulwark of elliantais with a powerful shot (0-1, 48′). The rest of this second period was like the first, with the dominating Avens well established in the local half of the field, but who were not sharp enough to take cover.

Elliant could even have exploited a weak time from the visitors to come back to score, but without success. Saint-Avé put an end to the suspense in stoppage time, when Robino, with a set kick not far from the center line, deceived, with the help of a mischievous rebound, the entire local defense (0-2 , 94′). The Melenicks banner was at half mast at the end of the match « Saint-Avé’s victory is totally deserved, they have mastered it well throughout the game », admitted the local coach, Damien Chirot, who will now focus on the championship.


Referee: Gautier Morvezen

GOALS. Saint – Avé: Breton (48′), Robino (94′).

Warning. Eliant: Charles (85′).

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