Coupe de France de Football – Racist abuses in the Coupe de France, the heavy accusations

If the Coupe de France does not yet concern the Ligue 1 clubs, which will enter the competition in 2022, the national rounds are continuing across the country. And the meeting between Waziers (R2) and Beauvais (N2) has not finished talking …

This match counting for the 7th round of the Coupe de France will indeed remain in the annals … for bad reasons. Already because this match, scheduled last week, had to be replayed this weekend. Quite simply because the first Waziers – Beauvais had been definitively stopped after the serious cervical injury of Eduardo Rodrigo, a player of the N2 club. Shocked by this event, the Beauvaisiens had a hard time replaying this match in the North. But they were not at the end of their sentences … If they made respect their rank by winning 3-1, the success was done in pain for some players. Since according to Sylvain Reghem, his team was the victim of racism in Waziers. “There were firecrackers, several times and the use of a laser on which the referee also intervened twice. And the cries of monkeys of course. I went to see the delegate for him, it was already three times and he replied that no, it was already four times. I’ve never seen that, it’s incredible ”, swayed, on L’Equipe, the co-president of the Picardy club.

Waziers disputes Beauvais’ accusations

Rather serious accusations mitigated by President de Waziers. “I am amazed at the allegations coming from the Beauvais club. For us, there were no incidents to the height of those described by our opponent. Indeed, there was a firecracker thrown but like in many other stadiums. A fanatic shouted from the stand, but he was quickly evacuated from the stadium. You can’t reduce a person’s attitude to a whole club. We work with a cosmopolitan population, with different religions so insinuate that Waziers is racist… ”, commented Fabrice Dhainaut, who therefore speaks of isolated behavior. Except that a journalist from Courrier Picard, present at the match, confirmed racist incidents on several occasions and from several people during this meeting…. Until the light is shed on these events, it will be Beauvais who will play the 8th round of the Coupe de France.

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