Corruption: members of the Tahkout family heavily sentenced

The Economic and Financial Criminal Court of Sidi M’hamed pronounced today, Tuesday, January 31, 2023, sentences of up to 10 years in prison against members of the family of businessman Mahieddine Tahkout, in a corruption case linked to the automotive sector.

The court therefore pronounced a sentence of 10 years in prison against each of Rachid, Ibrahim and Hamid; Bilal Tahkout was sentenced to 10 years in prison and a 5-year sentence was pronounced against Ali Tahkout, while Youssef Tahkout was sentenced to 4 years in prison. While, Nasser Tahkout was cleared.

Furthermore, the defendant « JMR » was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment, while the court imposed various other sentences ranging from two, three and four years of imprisonment for the rest of the defendants, including the employees of the municipality of Réghaia and certain defendants. A 15-year prison sentence was pronounced against some of the fugitives, with confirmation of the international arrest warrant against them.

A judgment was also rendered ordering the confiscation of all seized property, buildings and bank accounts mentioned in the seizure reports issued by the investigating judge, accepting the constitution of the public treasury as a civil party in the case, and obliging the convicted defendants to pay a sum of two billion dinars in compensation for the damage suffered.

A list of certain Tahkout family assets revealed during the trial

On Sunday January 15, 2023, before the judge of the court of the economic and financial criminal center of Sidi M’hamed in Algiers, the legal representative of the Public Treasury requested, after having become a civil party in the corruption case, in which Several members of the family of ex-businessman Mahieddine Tahkout are being sued, for compensation estimated at 50,000 billion centimeters representing the indemnities requested by the Public Treasury.

According to the Public Prosecutor, the Tahkout complex has imported many large vehicles of different brands. And this by exploiting the licenses of the mujahideen on behalf of the employees who formerly worked for the latter. And some of their clients and a number of his family members. Where the representative of the Republic confirmed that copies of the basic files of certain vehicles were recovered, 62 vehicles of various brands of luxury: Audi A4, A7, Ford and Lamborghini.

In addition, the Public Prosecutor made a statement concerning the accused, Brahim Tahkout, according to the declarations of the named (MJ) he had bought two Ford vehicles. A 350 square meter property in Oueld Fyet, worth 24 billion centimeters, paid for by Brahim Tahkout in cash. As well as a double duplex apartment, worth 6 billion centimeters, in the name of Mimouni Djamal, for the benefit of Tahkot Brahim. So that the latter abandons him for the benefit of a woman whose name he does not remember.

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