Coronavirus: the NFL maintains the draft

The NFL announced Monday that it is maintaining its big annual draft meeting, scheduled for April 23-25 ​​in Las Vegas, but behind closed doors, without the public events surrounding it, given the coronavirus pandemic. . The event can be watched on television, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement.

 » This decision reflects our highest priority: the health and safety of all fans and citizens ”, continued Goodell.

 » The NFL is exploring innovative options for how the process will be conducted and will communicate this information when it becomes available Added the boss of the league.

This statement comes the day after the announcement of the closure of several casinos and hotels in Las Vegas, in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The NFL Draft, which typically draws hundreds of thousands of fans, is a major fixture on the season’s calendar, which kicks off in September.

The context related to the coronavirus has also led the NFL to delay all activities of its players scheduled for April and related to the preseason as well as the transfer period for free players which begins Wednesday, March 18.

In this sense, the league prohibits teams from inviting players to visit their facilities. Franchise medical staff will also not be able to travel to perform their own tests on these contract-free players.

On the other hand, teams can both examine the medical records of players kept by their former clubs and possibly carry out medical examinations in the city where they are located.

Finally, the teams were also ordered by the NFL to close their premises and facilities over the next fortnight.

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