Corinne Deacon (French team): “We are focused on the World Cup”

“When we think of Germany-France, we necessarily think back to this semi-final lost at the Euro (1-2)? You too ?
We are focused on the World Cup. The Euro is behind us, even if we have to capitalize on our performance. We are focused on the World Cup, we have finished qualifying. We are looking to the future.

Can we gauge ourselves when we have so many absent executives (Mbock, Katoto, Karchaoui, Toletti…)?
It is part of a selection. tomorrow (Friday), we will have a competitive team on the field. Today’s group will certainly not be the World Cup group, but no one can predict that. tomorrow (Friday) we are going to work. We set ourselves this challenge with the players: we are preparing for the World Cup. The preparation will be short, we have eight months left.

Why did you replace Karchaoui and Toletti, a defender and a midfielder, with Asseyi and Sarr, two attackers?
Simply because we had enough defenders and I want to win tomorrow (Friday) and I want to win in Sweden (tuesday), so you need attacking profiles to score goals instead. We find Wendie, our captain, who was absent during the last rally, she will lead our defense.

« We don’t compare ourselves (with Germany) »

What do you want to see in these two matches?
If we only work offensively or defensively, we will have a problem winning the match. We press on everything, we must be complete, effective in both surfaces. We had the chance to make a semi-final last summer, we see that it is played on details. There are some that we don’t have control over, but there are many that we can have control over, we have to work on them.

Where is the France team compared to Germany?
We don’t compare ourselves, we don’t look at the past, even if it’s true that Germany is much more successful than the France team, but we look to the future. We have our story to write, that’s what we want to do with this group. »

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