Corinne Deacon (France team coach): « One more goal than Kazakhstan will be enough for me »

“What lessons can you draw against an opponent like Kazakhstan against whom you are used to winning very largely?
The objective is identical to last month, the first objective is to get the three points. It is obvious that we will work on the way. We worked a little differently this week, we continued to work on our offensive animations. We try to insist on details, we know very well that the high level is played on details. We try to have discussions with the players on things that we cannot necessarily work on the field. Today I have 23 players who are fighting to start the match but in a good state of mind. For me, a coach, these are good problems.

« What I need is to see players who want to, that’s the case »

Does that mean that you don’t necessarily have a typical team that emerges?
I think if I always put the same eleven that starts, I would make a few disappointments. The idea is to be able to count on a group. Some players start, others enter. It is valid at one time T. It may be different at another time, on another match. What I need is to see players who want to, that’s the case. With everything we’ve done this week, it’s very complicated for me today to tell you exactly which eleven I’m going to field tomorrow. If I could line up the 23, I would.

Against Kazakhstan, are you going to look for a new offensive festival?
One more goal than Kazakhstan will be more than enough for me. If we can take care of our statistics, why not. The idea at first is to win the match. We will put one goal, two goals, three goals, we don’t know. Everything will depend on what we do in the field and find what we worked on this week. If we do the same thing as what we did this week, we could, without wanting to disrespect our opponent, see some goals tomorrow night. « 

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