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While the offseason was punctuated by the XXL extensions of his little Draft comrades, Marvin Bagley III, drafted in second position by the Kings in 2018 (ahead of Luka Doncic and Trae Young), is in total vagueness concerning his to come up. The California franchise has not commented on it, and the player has also kicked in touch, confident that he is focusing only on the pitch.

Even if his offensive performance has been better for three years (around 15 points and 7 rebounds in 25 minutes of play), his injuries, his moods and his defensive investment logically questioned the leaders of Sacramento, who were ready to exchange it and are therefore in no hurry to extend it.

“Right now I’m not worried about any of this. The most important thing for me is to come every day, to focus on the big goal of making the playoffs and to continue to develop winning habits. It’s my only concern, my teammates and being around the guys and enjoying the moment ”, he told the Sacramento Bee, adding he was unsure if a deal would come before the start of the season.  » I do not know anything at all. I focus on what I can control, coming to training every day, focusing on the upcoming games, and doing everything I can to be ready ”.

The Kings will still have the hand next summer

Eligible for a « max » extension of 172.5 million dollars over five years, like Michael Porter Jr or Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Marvin Bagley III is very far from his Draft buddies for the « front office » of Sacramento, who and would not be released more than $ 20 million over four years for the moment, according to The Athletic. But such a proposal would be a long way from satisfying the Bagley clan.

If the Sacramento franchise does not extend it before the start of the season, it could then trade it during the year, or make it a protected “free agent” at the end of the campaign, with a “qualifying offer” to 14.8 million a season for 2022/23, which is 3 million more than what Marvin Bagley III will receive this year.

In any case, the vagueness still reigns a week before the recovery. A situation that does not seem to upset the interested party, more than ever focused on the game. “I feel like if we do what we’re supposed to do, all the little things, then the rest will follow. So that’s all I’m worried about, making sure I’m improving every day and taking the right steps in the right direction ”, he simply concluded.

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