Conservatives will not support the Speech from the Throne

Its leader Erin O’Toole having contracted COVID-19, it is the deputy leader Candice Bergen and the parliamentary leader Gérard Deltell who had delegated the PCC on Wednesday to react to the text read earlier by Governor General Julie Payette.

We are disappointed with this Speech from the Throne, railed Mr. Deltell, at a press briefing. We cannot support it.

The Conservative MP sees Ms. Payette’s speech as proof that the prorogation of Parliament, decreed on August 18, only served to get the Liberals out of the delicate political situation they found themselves in this summer, when committees were parliamentarians began studying the contract awarded to UNIS.

I urge Canadians to be careful. This Speech from the Throne is uniquely Liberal. Many words, many keywords that must be repeated, many images that can strike the imagination, but without concrete results.

A quote from:Gérard Deltell, House leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

The Speech from the Throne, according to Mr. Deltell, does not bode well for the deficit, which is widening a little more every week. What we are seeing today is throwing Canada once again in the expenses that will be paid by our children and our grandchildren., he lamented.

The Bloc issues an ultimatum to the Liberals

Also kept away by the coronavirus, the leader of the Bloc Québécois, Yves-François Blanchet, first said on Twitter thatOttawa has not listened to the urgent and legitimate demands of Quebec and the provinces, all of which need Ottawa to respect the jurisdiction of the government of Quebecers and those of the provinces, first of all in health..

Mr. Blanchet was thus referring to the exit of the premiers of Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba who, with a common voice, demanded last Friday an increase in health transfers of 28 billion dollars. by next year, to bring the federal government’s annual health contribution to 35%.

In his tweet, however, he did not specify whether his party intended, like the Conservative Party, to vote against the Speech from the Throne. But he clarified his thoughts in an interview with Patrice Roy on ICI RDI.

Mr. Trudeau has one week to respond favorably to Quebec’s formal request for health transfers, he said. And if it doesn’t, you can count on us to vote against this Speech from the Throne.

NDP negotiates government survival

Jagmeet Singh also finds himself between the tree and the bark. Interviewed at ICI RDI after reading the Speech from the Throne, the leader of the New Democratic Party refused to say how his party would behave when he returned to the Commons.

We’re ready to go to an election, but it’s a decision I don’t want to take without thinking, he explained, saying he was aware of theimpact such a vote, which could bring down the Trudeau government.

My goal is not to find a way to plunge the country into an election.

A quote from:Jagmeet Singh, Leader of the New Democratic Party

The New Democrats put two conditions on the Liberals to gain their support: the extension of the PCU, which is due to end in a week, and the granting of a 10-day sick leave bank to workers who do not have one. However, these two issues were not directly addressed in the Speech from the Throne, which Jagmeet Singh deplores.

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