Comedian Jérémy Ferrari confides in his alcoholism

On knows his dark and scathing humor. But behind the laughter, Jérémy Ferrari has long hidden a deep malaise, which pushed him to drink compulsively, as he explained. in a video interview with Konbini. « I think I’ve always been an alcoholic, » he confides without taboo. I could drink all night, the next day get up at 9 a.m., and drink again… ”And to specify that the doses were particularly severe. “In one day, I could drink six liters of wine without any problem. People think it’s impossible to drink six liters of rosé, but in fact, you don’t realize it, he explains. I took big shakers, I put ice cubes, I crushed the bottom, I took a bottle of rosé and I filled the shaker. I drank it ice cold. A shaker is practically the whole bottle. I could drink that in half an hour, no problem. »

Revealed by the show We only ask to laugh, by Laurent Ruquier, the artist thought that the stage could allow him to overcome his demons. « I was convinced that if one day it worked for me, it would solve the problems I have in my head… » In reality, he puts on the show but does not give up drinking, far from it. “I manage not to feel it in the work, I manage not to drink – not always – before going on stage, and from there, I arrive at a suicide attempt. I was just at the end of the end, of the end…”

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Obsessive disorders

A desperate act that acts like an « electroshock » and pushes him to enter rehab where doctors begin to put words to his discomfort: attention disorder, hyperactivity, obsessive, compulsive and ideative disorder, which fixes the mind on dark thoughts and visual hallucinations. All with an HPI intellectual aptitude amplifying, according to him, these pathologies and regularly plunging him into a depressive state…

Jérémy Ferrari, 36, who is on tour with his latest show General anaesthesia, recognizes today that psychiatrists saved him. “You have to go see specialists, we don’t say enough that addiction is a disease. It must be understood that addiction also annihilates reflection, willpower…” It has been five years since the comedian stopped drinking and said “get better” in his head. In a party, if the desire for the drink becomes too strong, he prefers to leave. And in the morning, if the temptation returns, he goes to play sports. “I fell into the other excess, he judges with hindsight, I became crazy about my lifestyle. I don’t yet have peace, tranquility, serenity…” And to conclude: “I know that I will remain an alcoholic all my life. »

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