“Come work with me! “: Rudy Gobert shaken by a 7x All-Star

In great delicacy since the start of the Euro, like the France team, Rudy Gobert does not help his rating across the Atlantic. A former star of the league, for example, has again paid the head of the French pivot following a viral sequence!

After the new disillusion experienced with the Jazz during the last playoffs, his fans could think that his start to the summer had everything to put his head back in place. In addition to a big transfer to the ambitious Timberwolves, Rudy Gobert could take advantage of Eurobasket to regain confidence. It is however and unfortunately quite the opposite that has been happening for a few days.

Rarely found in good offensive positions, the French pivot made a complicated start to the tournament, just like his team. Admittedly always valuable in defense and rebound, he however displays a much less sparkling performance in scoring. Enough to cause scenes of frustration in the middle of matchesbut also virulent and incendiary outings against him abroad.

Tracy McGrady’s new tackle for Rudy Gobert

Before delivering his most successful performance of the competition this Sunday against Hungary (15 points, 9 rebounds, 20 evaluation), Gobert had been in more difficulty during the inaugural match against Germany. An action where he shows himself unable to take advantage of his height advantage over Dennis Schröder had in particular made the buzz. Tracy McGrady reacted to it on Instagram, with a spicy outing for the Stifle Tower!

Bro come work with me PLEASE!

An invitation full of irony which echoes the previous words of T-Mac with regard to Gobert. A few weeks ago, the legendary scorer openly didn’t care about Rudy regarding his offensive palette, which he considers excessively poor despite his experience in the NBA. This illustration facing Schröder therefore led him to make an appointment to teach him some tips.

Not sure, however, that McGrady is the best possible teacher for a big man like Gobzilla. Indeed, although he had a few moves back to the basket that could be useful to him, the seven-time All-Star was more used to making the powder speak outside or thanks to his drives. It is therefore better that the international tricolor turns to mythical interiors if he wishes to improve in this area!

Always so incisive towards Rudy Gobert, Tracy McGrady was happy to bounce on his last fail to humiliate him again. Mute so far in the face of these provocations, the vice-captain of the Blues could well unpin if this phenomenon continues!

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