Coman explains tensions with Deschamps against Switzerland at Euro

In the round of 16 of Euro 2021 against Switzerland (3-3, elimination of the Blues on penalties), Kingsley Coman, victim of a muscle injury, refused to give up his place. This Tuesday, during the show Rothen ignites on RMC, the Bayern Munich winger returned to this episode.

This is one of the striking images of the terrible elimination of the Blues against Switzerland, in the round of 16 of Euro 2021 (3-3, victories of the Swiss on penalties). On June 28, at the Arena Națională in Bucharest, Kingsley Coman felt muscle discomfort during the first period of extra time. While the staff ordered him to give up his place to Marcus Thuram, the Bayern Munich winger had a text explanation with Didier Deschamps and refused to leave the lawn.

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“I had felt physical pain after a sprint, but it was THE most important match of the season, detailed Coman in Rothen ignites, this Wednesday on RMC. When the coach asks me to go out to preserve myself, because it can necessarily be dangerous when you have physical discomfort, I told him no, that I really wanted to give everything and stay on the field.

« It could have been the action that revived me in selection »

« For me, it was the last match, so if I get hurt, after it’s the holidays and there’s nothing left, continued the Bavarian. But, if I manage to overcome the pain, that it doesn’t get complicated and I’m doing a great thing, it could have been the action that revived me in selection, because I was a substitute during the Euro. When hot, I told myself that I preferred to give everything, even to injure myself. The coach saw my health above all. »

A little less than two months after this meeting, Didier Deschamps had explained to L’Équipe that he understood the attitude of his player, with a desire to dramatize this episode.

« It’s not that he refuses. We are still in the interpretation, assured Deschamps. Kingsley has a history in the France team often thwarted by injuries. One of them (ankle) prevented him from being at the World Cup (…) There, he plays and, in addition, he has just allowed the France team to go from a situation where it is led to another where it leads 3-1. So he wants to continue despite his muscular problem. It’s human. »

The incident had had no consequences for Coman anyway. After the Euro, he was in all the gatherings of the France team, except during the Final 4 of the League of Nations in October 2021, for which he had to forfeit in order to have heart surgery. The proof that Deschamps did not hold it against him.

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