Colomiers. « The resumption of sport is a key issue »

the essential
at the dawn of this new year, interview with Marie-Christine Lainé, president of USC Omnisports. The opportunity to take stock of 2021 with her and discuss the outlook for 2022.

After a year still very marked by the health crisis, what is your assessment of 2021?

2021 is still a pretty good year compared to 2020 which was absolutely horrible. If some clubs have lost licensees, overall, we can say that the athletes were there when they resumed in September. It’s important, it’s what makes us live. Many competitions were able to take place, and our columérine associations were able to distinguish themselves. I am thinking of the veterans of our petanque club, recently champions of France. Without forgetting the performances of our swimmers, gymnasts, judokas… we can say through them that we have the seeds of champions in Colomiers.

While organizing more festive events?

Indeed, we were able to maintain the Christmas of the children of the Omnisports with a very beautiful show and a very appreciated snack while adapting to the health rules.

Was the resumption of sports activity for all a goal?

Yes it was essential, we helped the clubs financially to see their members come back to practice, especially in leisure sport. We have also launched a multisport offer to allow a wide audience to practice several sports activities at their own pace and according to their desires. Our clubs help us in this initiative, but some non-omnisports also participate. It is a real wealth. Our members, like our young people, can for example be introduced to new sports such as tchoukball.

What can we now expect from the year 2022?

We will start with the martial arts evening, on February 4, a highly anticipated event organized every two years at the Hall Comminges. 9 clubs will be highlighted. We will also celebrate the 90th anniversary of Omnisports this year, a moment that we want to mark. Finally, we are committed to the « Terre de Jeux Paris 2024 » program, so with the city we are working on events with a view to the Olympic Games in two years.

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