Collector – Lancia LC2 – AutoTrader

The Lancia LC2 adopts, like its predecessors, an aluminum monocoque chassis as well as a Kevlar and carbon fiber body, all made by Dallara. In order to power the prototype, Ferrari allows Lancia, and in particular Abarth, to use certain parts of the naturally aspirated 3.0-litre V8 with 32 valves from its 308 GTBi Quattrovalvole. Abarth leans on the cradle of the robust, but not very powerful V8 and grafts two KKK K26 turbochargers to it. With some 650 horsepower in their first versions, the LC2s proved to be immediately more powerful than the Porsche 956s. At the time, the Group C regulations gave priority to the engine supplier to name the car. Thus, the Lancia LC2 was homologated as « Ferrari Lancia ».

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