Cole Caufield’s big extension with the Montreal Canadiens has met with rave reviews


On Monday morning, the Montreal Canadiens signed young West Germany winger Cole Caufield to an eight-year contract extension worth $7.85 million per season.

Hours later, Frank Seravalli and Tyler Yaremchuk reunited for the premiere Daily face-to-face live show of the week. Naturally, the Caufield case was the main story.

Here’s what Seravalli and Yaremchuk had to say on Monday’s massive news from Montreal.

Tyler Yaremchuk: Some last minute news on a Monday. Earlier this morning, it was announced that the Montreal Canadiens had locked up future star winger Cole Caufield. I mean, the guy scored at a rate of nearly 40 goals per 82 games in his young NHL career, but with injuries and stuff, he’s yet to hit the 150-game mark. Still, the Canadiens are going to give him an eight-year deal worth $7.85 million, just a hair below the AAV they gave their captain, Nick Suzuki. My point, Frank, is that I like it when teams do that. We know that the cap will end up going up a lot every summer and that will make more and more deals like Caufield and Suzuki, as you would say, bar-goons for the Canadiens.

Frank Seravalli: Yeah, I love this case. What was so fascinating to me, Tyler, was seeing the push and pull on social media. Tweet the terms of the deal, eight years x $7.85, and all of a sudden everyone explodes. This is the most bipolar contract extension I have ever seen. Half the audience said, « What an overpayment for this little guy who’s already been injured at this point in his NHL career, » and the other half said, « That’s an absolute steal, a agreement favorable to the team.

It’s so weird to see the two posts, because you’d think, well, if that’s indeed the case with these two teams saying two opposite things, does that mean the Montreal Canadiens have raison? Not only do I think they got it right, but I think it’s an absolute home run for the Canadiens. You consider where that cap is heading, we’re going to play a salary cap of $100 million a year before this deal is halfway through. You’ve now bought the best years of Cole Caufield’s career, from 22 to basically 30, maybe he’ll be 31 by the end of it. It’s a great buy for a guy who produced the way he did, especially since Marty St. Louis took over.

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