Cole Caufield among the elite in the history of the Canadiens

Cole Caufield confirmed his maverick status this season. Even if he has to be absent for the rest of this campaign, Caufield still managed to leave his mark in the Canadian record books.

The 22-year-old American had the fourth-best season in Canadian history for the 22-and-under youth goal-per-game average.

As displayed on the chart above, Caufield finds himself in very good company. Only three players managed to do better than him. The legends, Howie Morenz and Maurice Richard, as well as the last CH player to score 50 goals in a season, Stéphane Richer. Four of the seven players at the top of this ranking have their place in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

We don’t necessarily say that we have to get excited and start earning him a place in the Hall of Fame, but he’s certainly started off on the right foot for his career.

His 26 goals in the first half of the season allowed him to earn a goal per game average of 0.57. If we calculate that over 82 games, that gives us 46.74 goals for an entire season. Let’s say we round down to 46, that’s still an incredible number. The last Canadian player to have had a 40-goal season was Vincent Damphousse during the 1993-94 season. It will soon be 30 years!

However, we must be reassured, Caufield could reach 40 goals next year. At 22, he still has a lot of hockey ahead of him, maybe even better hockey. He will continue to develop and his linemate, Nick Suzuki, is likely to continue to find new ways to deliver spectacular passes to him.

With his 26 goals, Caufield currently ranks 14th among the top scorers in the NHL. The last time a player held such a high spot in this category was Max Pacioretty in 2013-14, who scored 39 goals and ranked fourth in the NHL. The times have changed.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Caufield surpass that mark in future seasons, but many more goals are scored in 2022-23. the challenge may therefore be even more difficult.

It is therefore sad for Caufield to have to be absent from the game for several months, but he can always tell himself that he has one of the best goal averages per game in a season in the history of the Canadiens.

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