Cody Bellinger would ask around $20 million for the 2023 season

The Dodgers decided to release Cody Bellinger a few weeks ago because the outfielder was going to ask for too much money. He was eligible for arbitration and he would not have made less than $18 million.

In Los Angeles, we thought it was obviously too much and we released him. He therefore became, after two very difficult seasons, free as the air.

But now his return to health and the presence of Scott Boras raises the stakes. Several clubs want him at the moment.

It must be said that if Bryan Reynolds were not to be traded by the Pirates, Bellinger is one of the few center fielders on the market. Brandon Nimmo is obviously an option, but he’s really in demand right now.

Results? This raises Bellinger’s prices since the context is favorable to him.

Right now, as Jon Heyman reports, Bellinger is reportedly looking for a one-year contract (as we knew) to reset his value, but now we learn he wants $20 million.

That’s more money than he would have gotten in arbitration. Clearly, the Dodgers aren’t going to sign him at that price.

Heyman mentions the Blue Jays are in the running. He recalled that Don Mattingly, when he was the manager of the Dodgers, knew Bellinger, who was then a prospect.

Can Toronto’s bench coach help put Bellinger on the hook? Remember that the Jays need help in the outfield.

I can’t wait to see what formation he will be linked with in 2023. After all, if he does sign at this price, it is better to produce faster than not.

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