Cody Bellinger, cacique of the Dodgers offers himself a golden contract, enough to revive a seized dynamic?

Contrary to the forecasts which announced it starting and in spite of a context of lockout of the major leagues, the idyll between Cody Bellinger and the Dodgers of Los Angeles still has bright days ahead of it. The two parties have in fact agreed on the terms of a new one-season contract worth $ 17 million. In view of the complicated season of the Rookie of the Year 2017 in the National Baseball League, will this big check revive a dynamic that in many ways happens to be seized? The question needs to be asked.

A signature made public in a particular context,

The information was made public this Thursday, December 23, 2021. Through the voice of its columnist Jeff Passan, ESPN reports that slugger Cody Bellinger and the Dodgers have contracted a new one-year lease valued at $ 17 million .

Bellinger hit .165 / .240 / .302 in a rough 2021 but was excellent in the postseason. Some in the industry thought he could be nontendered, but he’ll return to the Dodgers and make $ 900,000 more than he did last year. Bellinger is due to be a free agent after the 2023 season.

– Jeff Passan (@JeffPassan) December 23, 2021

A golden signing for a player who is coming out of a winding season and what is more, comes in a context of lockout where the franchises of the league vegetate in a vagueness that does not say his name and which is still far from having delivered all its conclusions. What is it about ? More than a month after the Atlanta Braves won the World Series, Major League Baseball (MLB) has come to a standstill. And for good reason, the owners of franchises and the players’ association have not succeeded in concluding a new collective agreement, and the « lock-out » (temporary closure) has become official since 01er December 2021. For the record, this is the first interruption of the MLB since the lockout of 1994-1995. This one emanated at the time of a slingshot launched by the players. With regard to the present cessation, the consequences are of several kinds. Indeed, the work stoppage decreed on 01er Last December put an end to all player activity related to their club including free agent signings, transfers and use of team facilities.

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According to information reported by the American sports television channel ESPN, the agreement between Bellinger and the Californian franchise would have been concluded before December 1: the date on which the lockout of the major leagues followed by a freeze of transactions and contract signatures. , entered into force. Once this prerequisite is lifted, the two parties thus avoid going to salary arbitration.

However, this signing may come as a surprise to many as there were rumors that the Dodgers would part ways with their star player due to a difficult season. In fact, the 26-year-old athlete who won the National League MVP title in 2019 was the author of a low batting average at the end of the past campaign, totaling 10 home runs, 36 points. produced and 52 hits in 315 batting appearances. Statistics unworthy of a player of this ilk and above all fundamentally far from his usual standards. Without tickling hyperbole, in truth, the slugger had become a platoon hitter and a ball for his manager. It goes without saying that it is the series contrasting sharply with its rickety season, which strongly motivated this transaction. Indeed, during the playoffs, Bellinger set the sights by posting a newfound efficiency and more dapper statistics, all topped by an average of .305 far from the .165 of the regular season. By offering him on a silver platter this pretty jackpot notwithstanding his leg and rib injuries that have shaken his season, the Dodgers are optimistic that Cody Bellinger will find the full use of his means and his former form.

With this jackpot, the native of Arizona will win $ 900,000 more than in 2021. He will become a free agent in two years if the system does not know other changes by then.

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