CNI, 4 strategic development axes

New generation operating theater outfits, performance sports equipment, army equipment, reusable period panties, CNI never stops innovating.

BBiotechnology study group made up of 6 people, CNI (Christine Nayrac Innovation) has been based in Landorthe since 2015. The young innovative company has a particular relevance to prototypes of technical textiles and innovative materials. This meeting between the scientist and the textile, allowed CNI to work on technical designs. « By working on racehorses with performance objectives, I specialized in compression. Competitive sport is a great incubator of innovative ideas that I transpose to health products: protections, gowns, PPE but also cuts « , analyzes Christine Nayrac who notably worked, in 2015, with a renowned American equipment manufacturer, Under Armor, which led to many markets in the United States. Note that at the Landorthe boutique workshop, we find all the equipment for trail, running, cycling, fitness and mountain.

CNI was called upon, from February 2020, to work on masks and integrated the regional health plan in the same way as large manufacturers. The company has developed innovative protective masks that go beyond the required certifications.

Innovative novelties

Today, CNI is adding a string to its bow and providing the outfits for the operating theaters of the Toulouse University Hospital, a pilot operation in France with new generation PPE in the prevention of nosocomial infections, under patent cover.

« At the same time, we are working in a consortium, with the CNRS and INSERM in Montpellier and the CHU in Nîmes on the development of several textiles. At the end of 2020, INSERM selected one of my tests: a bactericidal and virucidal fabric and concept. with application in healthcare facilities. Currently, we are developing dressings to treat infected wounds of the feet in diabetic patients, ”she explains on behalf of CNI. Christine Nayrac is also announcing the arrival of four ranges of reusable period panties available for sale in early 2022 at the store and online.

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