CMJ: Finally a reunion for Bordeleau and Delémont


EDMONTON – Thomas Bordeleau and Noah Delémont had been waiting for a long time to meet again on the same ice as in the good old days.

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After a few missed dates, the two friends finally crossed swords at the World Junior Championship when the United States of Bordeleau beat the Swiss of Delémont 7-1 on Thursday. Something to remind them of good memories of their youth in Switzerland.

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“It goes back a long time ago,” recalled the striker with Canadian-American citizenship. “I must have been 6 or 7 years old and my father (Sébastien) played in Bern. We fell into the same team, and I think it started when his dad took me to practice.

“It just clicked, we both spoke French so it was easier. We were at each other’s house all the time, in the same teams and the same tournaments. He was my best friend in Switzerland. »

Their paths separated when Thomas’ father ended his career and the Bordeleaus returned home to Quebec to settle there. Despite the distance, they keep in touch virtually by writing to each other a few times a year and have also seen each other on a few occasions.

« The last time was in Switzerland, four or five years ago, » said Delémont, who plays in the Swiss National League. “It’s been a while, so it was nice to have him back in Edmonton. At least, with social networks, we always have the impression of seeing each other. »

One thing is certain, it is that they still share the same passion for hockey, this passion which is at the very origin of their friendship. And Delémont is delighted at the idea of ​​seeing his old accomplice reach the NHL, with the San Jose Sharks, after all these years of hard work.

« I’m really happy for him, » said the 20-year-old defender. We talked about it, he is enjoying every moment and I wish him the best. When we see how he dominates this tournament, he doesn’t have to worry too much about the coming seasons. San Jose is lucky to have him. »

And for Delémont, it’s not a bad thing to count on a friend with a residence in California.

“He is welcome, laughed Bordeleau. He can come anytime! »

Pictures : Courtesy of Thomas Bordeleau


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