Club: Campos wants fewer people in the PSG locker room


The revolution by small touches of Luis Campos continues: the Portuguese leader wants to reduce the number of people having access to the PSG locker room, after appointing a nutritionist.

The return to normality continues at PSG under the leadership of Luis Campos, his new football adviser who is particularly attentive to the restructuring of the first team. Recruited to restore order in the Parisian house, the Portuguese leader known, among other things, for his volcanic anger attacked a particular point around the first team, namely his locker room, sacrosanct place where the he Parisian workforce meets both at the Parc des Princes and at the training centre.

According to Le Parisien, Luis Campos noted that a few too many people were coming in and out of the Parisian locker room and so he decided to « to sanctuary » a little more the place. The Portuguese leader noted in particular that “Too many club employees, not always from sectors related to sports, had got into the habit of coming and going in this room reserved for players in the game and the various staffs. » For example, the club’s official media have access to the locker room after the matches, revealing exclusive images. Soon from the past?

A nutritionist also recruited

Another change brought by the new football adviser of the Parisian club, the arrival of a full-time nutritionist with the first team. The position was already filled but the current specialist took care of both the pros and the young people of the training center. The Portuguese leader has recruited a full-time nutritionist for the pros, a former Spanish football player reconverted in this field whose name has not filtered out until then.

His first decision would have been “to remove Coca-Cola and Ice Tea from meals”, an affirmation that may seem mind-blowing for top athletes even if Coca-Cola is a partner of the club, and recently extended until 2024 moreover. Camp des Loges regulars, however, smiled at this statement, explaining in particular that they had not seen sodas of this kind until then.


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